Yarn wrap balls tutorial

{Tutorial} DIY yarn wrap balls – lots of pictures!

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DIY yarn wrap balls with tutorial. These are a nice and easy Christmas craft that can be done without using too many precious spoons. You can do it in a few parts with plenty of rest in between. I left them a couple of days to dry before finishing them off.

This was my first attempt at making DIY yarn wrap balls and the plan was to make a load to decorate the pub with for Christmas. It hasn’t ended up happening as I just haven’t had the time or energy to get any further than this, but I enjoyed making them and have already got plans to make more for hanging elsewhere in the house. (Little balls to attach to fairy lights for the bedroom is definitely on the cards!)


DIY Yarn wrap balls tutorial

DIY Yarn wrap balls tutorial


First things first, you’ll want a suitable surface to work on as this project gets messy! I opted for decorating sheets on the floor. I should probably have used a covered table but the cats would have bothered me just as much there too!


Yarn wrap balls tutorial

Lay out sheet, turn back, find the cat messed it all up, repeat 5 times then lock cat out the room


Then you want to get together all the materials you’ll need:

  • Balloons blown up to the sizes you want to make the decorations
  • Wool for wrapping them in your chosen colours
  • PVA glue (wood glue, white glue or elmers glue if you’re in the US!)
  • Glitter (totally optional but who doesn’t like a bit of Christmas sparkle)
  • Scissors
  • Missing off the picture, a tub to stir the mixture together
  • A paint brush to coat the balloons




Next up, you’ll want to create your glue mixture. I used about 1/2 glue to 1/2 water, you want it to soak right into the wool, not just sit on the surface. You can use anything to mix it together in, I just used a pint glass as living above a pub means we have more than anyone could possibly use (and I didn’t want to ruin my jug..)


Yarn wrap balls tutorial

Mix the glue and water


I’d read that covering the balloons in cling film (saran wrap) helped the removal process so that’s what I did next!

balloons cling film

Covering the balloons in cling film


Then the fun part, mix in all of the glitter and sparkly things!!! You can use what ever kind of glitter or sprinkles you would like here. I’d recommend keeping them quite small. If you want to use larger confetti (like miniature trees for example) then I’d suggest gluing them on afterwards.


Yarn wrap balls tutorial

Stir in the sparkly bits!


Next, you want to soak the wool in the mixture, bit by bit. I left the wool attached to the ball, left the end out of the glass so I could easily squeeze out a bit of the mixture as I pulled it out. Important: You need to make sure the wool is thoroughly soaked through or the balls won’t stiffen up as they dry.

(I took the photos for this bit before adding the glitter thinking it would be easier to add glitter after, it was definitely easier to add the glitter first, plus it wasted less glitter!) 


Yarn wrap balls tutorial

Soak the wool in the glue and water mixture


Next comes the messy part. You tie the end of the wool to the top of the balloon (I left a glue free bit to hang it up with) then begin wrapping. You can squeeze out the wool a bit as you go so it doesn’t drip all over.


Yarn wrap balls tutorial

Begin wrapping the wool around the balloon


Continue wrapping until you feel the balloon is covered enough. I tried to wrap horizontal then vertical around the balloon to make sure wraps locked each other in place. If you’ve ever balled up wool, it’s the same kind of thing. You can pattern it randomly but you want to make sure the wraps are going round the fullest part of the balloon as much as possible so they don’t slip off the side.


Yarn wrap balls tutorial

Wrap the balloon until you achieve the desired effect, I added a few more layers to this one


Continue this with all of your balloons. I then like to go over the wool with the paint brush just to make sure they’re all thoroughly soaked and glittered.

After that, find somewhere they can hang up to dry. I’d recommend leaving them over night so they are fully dry.


Yarn wrap balls tutorial

Hang to dry. Not off your curtain pole unless you want glittery curtains, oops.


Once they’re all dry, have a check and see if they feel solid. If they feel like they might collapse you’ll need to go over with another layer of glue and leave to dry again.

If they feel okay then you’re ready to pop the balloon and remove the inside.

Yarn wrap balls tutorial

Ready for balloon removal


Carefully insert a pin into the balloon to let the air out. You can then remove this and the cling film from one of the gaps in the ball. You might need to press the cling film down all the way round the ball to release it from the glue. Do this carefully to avoid ruining the ball.


Yarn wrap balls tutorial

Pushing the cling film away from the wool


Yarn wrap balls tutorial

Balloon popped and film unstuck


Yarn wrap balls tutorial

Carefully removing the balloon and film from one of the gaps


All you need to do then is trim the excess wool off the top unless you wish to hang them up, then you can leave it there.



Yarn wrap balls tutorial

Finished product!


These are easy enough to make. A little messy but a fun craft project that doesn't take up too much energy. You can do it in a few parts with plenty of rest in between. 

Displayed on our kitchen table


And just because they like to get in the way…

DIY yarn balls tutorial


I hope the tutorial has been helpful. It’s definitely an enjoyable, spoonie friendly craft that I’ll be repeating elsewhere around the house.



Yarn wrap balls tutorial





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